Robert Fogolin, MD

Dr. Robert Fogolin specializes in general orthopedic surgery. You can find Dr. Fogolin at our new Hendersonville Care Center.

Knee Pain

Learn more about knee pain and read the latest news about advances our physicians making to improve the care of their patients by clicking on the link below.

Joseph D. Chenger, MD

Dr. Chenger specializes in Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement, Unicompartmental Knee Surgery, Patellafemoral Knee Surgery, Bicompartmental Knee Surgery, Total Knee Surgery, General Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement, and Hip, Knee & Shoulder Surgery at our Centennial Care Center.


From professional athletes to weekend warriors, traumatic injuries to arthritic aches and pains, Premier’s caring physicians are highly skilled in the latest technologies and procedures – always with the goal of helping their patients "Get Back Out There" enjoying a more active lifestyle.