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Jaw and Chin Implant: A Popular Treatment to Improve Facial Features

Do you want to emphasize the facial feature of your jaw and chin? Plastic surgery makes your desired outlook possible. Jaw and chin implant is a popular method to enhance your facial lining, which gives emphasis to your face. With this treatment, appealing and youthful appearance can be achievable. Learn more by clicking on this link.


What is a Jaw and Chin Implant? 

Jaw and chin implant is a kind of plastic surgery commonly referred to as chin augmentation or jaw implants. This surgical procedure modifies the underlying structure of the face, giving a better equilibrium to the facial highlights. Surgery of the jaw can reduce, known as mentoplasty, or augment, known as genioplasty, the chin using implants. Chin augmentation is very popular since it is a relatively simple procedure for the patient while creating observable changes in the outline of the face. This kind of plastic surgery is typically performed by an otolaryngologist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, or plastic surgeon.


Benefits of Chin Augmentation

In case you do not like the appearance of your weak or recessed chin, or you sense your facial highlights lack proportion, jaw and chin augmentation can help you feel more confident in your looks. In particular, chin augmentation and jaw implants can:

  • Enhance facial harmony by bringing jaw and chin into better proportion with other facial features
  • Correct a recessed or weak chin
  • Improve definition of the neck and jawline
  • Help diminish the presence of double chin caused by a small chin bone


What does an implant look like?

Chin and jaw implants are small, compact materials made from a biocompatible component, typically silicone, shaped to fit around the jawline of the patient. Jaw implants change in size and shape. Your cosmetic surgeon will help you select an implant that will accomplish your ideal enhancement level and give the most natural-looking outcome.

These implants, when inserted, look very similar to a jaw and chin bone. The most result is difficult to tell that a patient received chin augmentation, especially when performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon.


Procedure for Jaw and Chin Implant

Getting jaw implants or chin augmentation is usually an outpatient method that takes as little as one hour. There are a couple of various kinds of implants, depending on how much normal bone you have. A standard procedure is as per the following:The woman has a successful chin implant.


  • You will show up at your schedule, fill out the proper paperwork, and afterwards will direct to the room where the surgeon will perform the procedure.
  • A surgeon or nurse will give you general anesthesia.
  • The surgeon will make an entry point, typically inside the mouth to decrease scarring.
  • The surgeon will place an implant inside the pocket made by the cut along the jawbone.
  • After the doctor placed the jaw implants, he or she will close the cut using stitches and put bandages to your jaw and chin area.
  • The jaw implant and chin augmentation technique itself takes about 60 minutes.
  • It would be best if you organized for somebody else to get you as the sedation can make it risky to drive.


What to Expect After Jaw Implants and Chin Augmentation?

Jaw and chin implant surgery is a generally snappy procedure, yet you should get ready for your recovery.

Most chin augmentation patients generally encounter little downtime. You will get results right away. However, the surgical site will be swollen and possibly wounded for at least seven days.

Uneasiness is ordinarily minimal and handily controlled with pain medication recommended by your doctor, and with the use of cold compresses.

Implants made of components like titanium or silicone are permanent, though there is a little possibility for them to move or get tainted.

It would help if you planned to stay away from smoking and liquor for at least a couple of weeks after a medical procedure.

You should rest face-up, with your head raised, for at least 1 to 2 weeks after surgical procedure to help control post-operation expanding and ensure your healing cuts.

You will probably have to return about a week later to get your stitches taken out, and so the doctor can perceive how you are healing.

Your cosmetic surgeon may likewise expect you to intake a liquid-only eating regimen for a day or two after a medical procedure.

If you have a strenuous exercise, wait for at least 3 to 4 weeks after chin implant surgery.

It is imperative to adhere to your cosmetic surgeon’s particular directions during recuperation to guarantee you heal well, and your outcomes look admirable as soon as possible.

The considerable period to see the final result is within three months when residual swelling has died down.


Risks of Jaw and Chin Implant Procedure

All plastic surgery brings at least some risk. Possible dangers of getting implants include:

  • swelling
  • extreme bleeding
  • difficulties from anesthesia
  • prolonged scarring
  • infection, which can result in expulsion of the implant
  • a moved implant, which can result in necessity for corrective medical procedure
  • allergic response to an implant
  • nerve damage

The surgeon evaluates the patient's facial structure.

Nerve damage explicitly can incorporate the numbness of the lower lip and harm the nerve that regulates the muscles around the mouth. This can result in an unbalanced smile, drooling, or a stutter. These problems are frequently temporary and progress over several weeks to months.

You can lessen the risk by selecting a surgeon who is qualified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. ABCS professionals have gone through broad association training in cosmetic surgery, work only in certify surgical offices, and use a board-certified MD anesthesiologist for general sedation.


Different Options to Improve the Chin and Jawline

While numerous patients choose to have a chin implant medical procedure alone, just as frequently, your doctor can combine chin augmentation with other techniques for better results.

Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation

Jaw and chin implants can significantly improve the outcomes of rhinoplasty. Chin implant surgery with nose reshaping procedure is one of the most widely recognized facial contouring method combinations.

Neck Liposuction and Chin Implants

Patients with superfluous fullness underneath the jawline frequently decide to get neck liposuction simultaneously as a chin augmentation procedure. Even though fortifying the chin will help improve facial structure on its own, eliminating excess fat from beneath the chin can additionally enhance the presence of the lower face and neck. At Restoration Clinic in Perth, one can find other non surgical treatments to enhance the chin and face skin in general.

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