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Nasal Reconstruction Surgery: What You Need To Know

Nasal abnormalities happen for many different reasons. One of these is the possible side effect of Mohs surgery. This is a medical procedure that can effectively address skin cancer on the nose. However, the treatment can leave a nasal defect behind. You can ask for a professional opinion if you want to know other surgical options to address your condition. In any case, let this article help you understand everything you need to know about nasal reconstruction surgery.


Nasal Surgery

The nose is one of the most critical structures on the body for facial identity and appearance. So if you have nasal issues due to deformity, injury, or disease, it is crucial to choose a facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience in nose reconstruction.nasal reconstruction surgery

In any case, you can get plastic and reconstructive surgery, depending on your nasal complications. Without further ado, here are some of the nasal reconstruction surgery options:


Nasal and Facial Reconstructive Surgery

This facial plastic surgery can help restore a deformed or missing body part to its usual appearance and function. Encountering accidents, wearing worn-out dentures, or having congenital deformities can cause loss of nasal bone, skin, cartilage, or lining from any area of the nose or face. Depending on the issue, facial plastic surgeons may perform:

  • Simple wound closure
  • Full-thickness skin grafting from the forehead, ear, or cheek
  • Nose, forehead, or cheek flap
  • Replacement of external skin, cartilage support, and inner nasal lining for major defects


Nasal Septal Reconstructive Surgery

This is called septoplasty. It is a reconstructive procedure that involves functional restoration of the nasal airway because of a deviated septum or injury. In fact, this kind of nasal issue can hinder you from achieving a healthy smile since facial defects can also affect your dental health. Furthermore, this facial plastic and reconstructive surgery aim to improve airflow for people experiencing nasal airway obstruction.



This popular facial plastic surgery can alter the nose’s size, shape, or angle. It enhances a nasal profile with large bumps, flared nostrils, structural irregularities of the nasal tip, or is not balanced with the surrounding facial features. In any case, rhinoplasty can also help improve nasal functioning related to breathing issues.



This procedure combines rhinoplasty with the significant repair of the nasal septum.


Linear Repair

Side to side or linear treatment is suitable for those small wounds on the nose, especially on the central nasal dorsum or the lateral nasal sidewalls. However, numerous nose parts are not applicable for this reconstructive surgery because of the absence of mobile tissue.


Nasal Reconstruction After Skin Cancer Treatment

The nose is one of the most widely recognized areas for skin cancer on the face. Because of this, getting surgery is essential to prevent worsening the issue. In fact, Mohs surgery is one of the best methods to guarantee that the tumor will be wholly taken out and will not return. However, it frequently causes a defect or hole in the skin.

Luckily, head and neck surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery preserve the nasal support, lining, and coverage. Getting nasal reconstruction may use one of four reconstructive techniques. The chosen treatment will rely upon the size of your deformity as well as your nasal anatomy.


Direct Linear Closure

Direct linear closure is the simplest and most common method when treating a defect after Mohs surgery. In this procedure, plastic surgeons pull the two sides of the wound together and close the skin straight.


Local Flap

This technique is applicable for small defects. The local flap method covers the space of missing skin by stretching the encompassing skin to cover the hole. In fact, the treatment is less invasive. It requires less recovery than skin grafting since it does not take tissue or skin from a secondary area.


Full Thickness Skin Graft

Unlike local flaps, skin grafts need to get tissue from somewhere else on the body. The skin utilized for this graft comes from different areas of the body, and your doctor can determine this during your consultation. In any case, this surgery is applicable for more significant defects that prevent the nose’s skin from being stretched to cover the hole adequately.


Paramedian Forehead Flap

The paramedian forehead flap is the gold standard for nasal reconstruction. This procedure provides a lot of tissue that can be securely relocated to the nose. This is best when the nasal defect is substantial even for a regular skin graft and can make some of the most natural-looking and subtle reconstructive outcomes.The patient is ready for nasal surgery.

Furthermore, suppose a nasal issue affects your dental health. In that case, ADC Dubbo offers quality dental services to address this kind of problem. As a matter of fact, your surgeon will discuss what to expect on the day of plastic surgery and give care instructions after the procedure. It is vital to adhere to the doctor’s direction to promote quick and healthy recovery.


Recovery and Follow-Up

Most patients have general anesthesia during the surgery to guarantee that they cannot recall or feel the procedure. Usually, after the operation, your rhinoplasty surgeon will close any cuts or openings with permanent or dissolvable stitches and put a splint internally or externally.

Even though it requires six months for your body to completely recover, most patients go back to work or school after two weeks of recovery. You will need another appointment with your doctor to remove stitches or your splint. Make sure that you follow your surgeon’s discharge guidelines after surgery for the smoothest healing process. If you have any concerns or inquiries, your doctor or surgeon is happy to clarify things to ensure you have a successful recovery.




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